The majority of the time, babysitters tend to be in middle/junior high school, high school or college (age 12+). There are some adults who have in-home childcare as well. The type of work for babysitters also varies from watching a sleeping child, changing diapers, playing games, preparing meals, and to teaching the child to read or even drive (if the age is right). Depending on the agreement between parents and babysitter.

Babysitters, many focusing on child safety and first aid appropriate for infants and children; these classes or courses can be provided at local hospitals and schools. These educational programs can equip the babysitter with information to keep both the children being cared for, and the sitter themselves, safe in various scenarios. Different activities will be needed for babies and toddlers. It will be beneficial for the babysitters to understand toddler developmental milestones in order to plan for the necessary activities